From New Zealand to England – teach in the UK

From New Zealand to England – teach in the UK

Kiwi Teachers head to England on one-way tickets! The BIG OE has never been more popular! In fact, there have been recent visa improvements for Kiwi teachers looking to teach in England.

It’s been done for many years and will be done for many more years to come. Why is it that leaving New Zealand to teach has become controversial?

What will you get out of teaching overseas?

  • A chance to enhance your knowledge of teaching and focus on your own pedagogy
  • Work with other teachers in different school settings and environments
  • Experience working with a wide range of cultures and communities
  • Gain invaluable knowledge about another curriculum and its content
  • Test out your classroom management strategies and observe and learn other ways to manage challenging situations in schools
  • Fast track your teaching career and work towards additional responsibility and leadership positions due to high demand and excellent CPD opportunities in England
  • Make new connections and friendships with colleagues that will last a lifetime
  • Explore what Europe has to offer during your half-term break

The professional list goes on and on….

Most importantly you will return to New Zealand in a couple of years with refined and developed teaching skills and you will have seen a bit more of the world! New Zealand school leaders will look at your CV with interest when you return as you will have a whole new repertoire of teaching skills and life values based on your travels and experiences along the way.

Living in England

Living abroad in England is no easy feat! It’s a challenge at times but why not give it a go, build up a bit of real stamina and resilience by challenging yourself, putting yourself into a new teaching and living situation and giving it 100%. Not only will you gain valuable skills to add to your CV, but you’ll also get the opportunity to travel during the half-term. Why not visit France, Spain or Marrakesh on your break?

You’ll get support from Point to Point throughout your journey to England and beyond. Our website has a range of resources and information which will help you understand life and work in the UK.

A Kiwi tradition

The Big OE is a long-standing established Kiwi tradition. Whether you are early in your career pre-responsibilities or a more established teacher with financial and family commitments there is something for everyone if you want to get out there and live your life.

Home is where the heart is. And home is only a plane flight away. Let’s see what New Zealand has to offer for your return. Lower house prices?  Lower interest rates? Only time will tell!

Don’t put your life on hold. If you have been wanting to teach over in England there is no time like the present.

Are you a Kiwi teacher interested in finding out more? Point to Point is conducting Coffee Catchups next month in New Zealand. Register your interest. Catch up with seasoned teacher and recruitment specialist, Carly, to discuss the great opportunities that await you in 2023. Find out the dates and times of the catchups, plus the cities we’re hosting in.

Not from New Zealand but still interested in a career in England? Get in touch with the Point to Point team today to express your interest.