Visa improvements for Kiwi teachers looking to teach in England

Visa improvements for Kiwi teachers looking to teach in England


For many years Kiwi teachers have been heading to England for their Big OE! The old two-year working holiday visa is set to improve with the age limit being raised to 35 and the timeframe extended to 3 years. Read more about the changes to the Tier 5 Youth Mobility improvements here. Keep an eye on updates as this is set to happen prior to 2024.

Why is this great news?

Teachers can get established in a school and work continuously without limitations. This is an excellent consecutive teaching experience for your CV and will be recognised widely when you decide to change countries or return to New Zealand to teach.


Have you ever thought about living and teaching in England?

It’s a fabulous way to earn money, grow professionally as a teacher and experience travel!  There are lots of opportunities and scope to progress your career and fast-track leadership.


So, what do you think?

Whether you are a graduate or experienced teacher you are welcome to express your interest in teaching in England with the help of Point to Point Education.   A family-owned teaching agency led by three Kiwi sisters (all teachers) with mountains of knowledge, expertise, and experience in relocating Kiwi teachers to England.


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Are you eligible? 

Check your eligibility via this easy instant assessment tool.