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Expression of Interest

    • Check your eligibility NOW for teaching jobs in the UK.

      • Instantly assess your eligibility for a teaching role in the UK.
      • Interviews are held throughout 2019 and 2020 in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland and via Skype.
      • Full-time roles in Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Maths, Science and more.
      • UK headteachers travelling to Brisbane to interview Primary and Secondary Teachers in March and April 2020.
      • This is a FREE service for teachers by teachers to help you have the teaching experience of a lifetime.
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    • What is the Instant Assessment Form?

      Our Instant Assessment Form is a list of details that asks for details about yourself and your teaching experience. The Instant Assessment Form is very valuable, as it will enable you to instantly see whether you are ready and able to start your Point To Point overseas teaching journey with us.

      What are the things we are looking for in potential teachers?

      We are looking at a variety of different aspects when seeing which candidates are best suited to one of the available positions in our serviced regions. We are looking at:
      When you completed your teaching degree: We want to know when you finished your teaching degree or even if you are still completing it!

      • Experience: Let us know how many years of teaching experience you have under your belt. Is it 1 year? 2? Even if you have only just graduated, just let us know.
      • Citizenship Status: Your citizenship status is a very important piece of information for us to assist you in the process of starting your teaching journey in one of our various overseas teaching locations.
      • Specialist Teaching Area: If you teach primary, tell us whether its early years, middle years or special needs. If you teach secondary, we want to know which subject you teach.
      • Your Details: A pretty standard section so we can know your name, email, phone number and which country you currently live in.

      What happens next?

      After you have filled out our Instant Assessment Form we will get in touch with you will give you an assessment of your application within 24 hours of submitting your application. If your application is saying all the right things, we start the process of matching you up with the teaching positions best suited to you! There are a variety of interview processes such as face-to-face or Skype interviews with your potential employer. All the while, we will be coaching you and supporting you throughout the process!

      What support?

      When we say support throughout the entire process, we mean it! We will assist you in getting your CV ready for your potential employer and walk you through the interview process. Whether that be a face-to-face or Skype interview, we can make sure that you are best prepared through our interview coaching.

      How long will the process take?

      We try to make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible. We also only want to set you up in a situation that suits your personal needs and desires, so this process is really very dependant on the applicant and available positions at the time. Making sure that you are supported and finding the perfect fit for you is our priority, so getting the process right the first time is vital.

      I’ve been accepted to teach at my desired location what happens now?

      Now comes the fun part! We will assist you with visa support and relocation support, to make sure you’re happy with your new overseas home. We also help out with airport pick-ups and getting you settled into your town. On the professional side of things, Point To Point offers a teacher training programme, as well as one on one career coaching and advice. We also understand that moving to a new country or even continent can be tough, so along with our support staff, we organise social events so you can feel right at home with other teachers on a similar journey to your own.

    • The process from the beginning was warm and welcoming. I found all of the staff at Point To Point were invested in my needs and how I wished to be placed. I found them very friendly and genuine in their interest in doing what was best for me professionally.