Moving To London: Your Culture Shock In GIFs

12 Jun 2017 Carly Lum

Moving to England from Australia? Sure, both countries speak English and there are many other similarities. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience culture shock. So what will cause you to have culture shock once you move to England?

1. The weather

Australia has pretty amazing weather. Australian’s experience hot summers with …

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Excelled to Leadership: Sam’s Story

07 Apr 2017 Carly Lum

Editor’s note: The full name of the subject of this article has been censored for anonymity.

Point to Point Education helps teachers to fast track their career by undertaking an overseas adventure. We are there for our clients every step of the way, from the first inquiry to when you’re teaching in …

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Why Teaching Assistants Are The Best

14 Mar 2017 Carly Lum

Teaching Assistants (TA’s) in England provide an immeasurable amount of support to teachers and children. Many teachers who arrive from other countries to teach in the UK are surprised (and relieved) to have an extra special person in their classes each and every day.

TA’s alleviate teachers stress and workload by …

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Supply & Demand Vs Quality Control & Experience

17 Feb 2017 Carly Lum

In the current environment, there is a high demand for teachers. While this can sound like a good thing for a teacher fresh out of university, it’s not always the case. This is where teachers need to be extra careful and selective when choosing an education employment organisation to engage …

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Around The World And Back Again

06 Feb 2017 Carly Lum

At Point to Point Education, you can be assured that you’re not just another number. We are a teaching support agency that prides ourselves on our personalised service. That’s what makes us stand out. We care about our teachers, treat them as people, not profit, and are there for them …

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Why a free flight to the UK isn’t worth the risk

18 Jan 2017 Carly Lum

During your online job searches, you probably have come across an advertisement for an opportunistic teaching job in the UK with all travel expenses paid for. With an offer so enticing, surely you would want to know more.

For young, fresh, teaching graduates or passionate teachers with a longing to travel …

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Schools: Investing in Millennial Teachers

08 Nov 2016 Carly Lum

Millennials are commonly known as a generation unique to all the others. They are the generation of mobile phones, Facebook, WiFi and a breakdown of tradition. This generation can never be held back by distance or lack of opportunity. They are the pioneers of the new age and the people who …

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Q&A: Paul

24 Oct 2016 Carly Lum

Editor’s note: The full name of the subject of this article has been censored for anonymity

Paul, a 28 year old graduate teacher based in Wellington, travelled to the United Kingdom (UK) to teach through Point to Point Education. We had a chat with Paul to find out what his teaching …

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How Travel Experiences Make you a Better Teacher

16 Jun 2016 Carly Lum

While teaching overseas, you will have the opportunity to explore the world around you and be amazed by what is on your doorstep. From London, a train ride can have you in Paris; from Tokyo, a short flight can have you immersed in the cultural hub of South Korea.

This experience …

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Identifying Teaching Opportunities Overseas

19 May 2016 Carly Lum

Working overseas as a teacher can be a great opportunity to experience new cultures and make a difference in the lives of children across the globe. However, the process of finding a teaching job internationally can be daunting, especially if you are not already familiar with the country.

For teachers looking …

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