Relocate and teach in Australia this year!

Melbourne, Victoria is a wonderful place to move to! Teachers from NZ, Ireland, South Africa, USA, England and Scotland are soaking up the Aussie lifestyle as new opportunities to gain working visas and sponsored positions are available. Teachers already in Australia and looking to move interstate to Melbourne are thoroughly encouraged!

This could be your next move!

It’s the perfect time to jump into a new teaching adventure, grow your career, and enjoy living in a new and exciting city.  With sports galore, laneways for coffee and shopping, an amazing theatre district and endless possibilities, Melbourne has drawcards for everyone. It’s a vibrant city with a feeling and vibe you just wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Find out more about what’s on offer living in Victoria:

How does the curriculum compare?

Teachers from abroad find that the Victorian Curriculum is quite easy to pick up. Your teaching background and experience to date will of course be a good foundation, but with the right guidance and support from your new school you will quickly adapt to the new curriculum.

To find out more, visit the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s website.

How much does a teacher earn in Victoria?

Teacher salaries range from approx. $78,021 – $126,992 (AUD) depending on the teachers’ qualifications and experience. Some of the schools we work with at Point to Point pay slightly above the recommended rate to attract and retain excellent teaching staff.

What do I need to do with my qualifications?

Any teacher moving to Victoria in Australia will need their teaching qualifications assessed by VIT (Victorian Institute of Teachers). This process will take some time so please get this underway as soon as possible if you are committed to relocating and teaching in Melbourne.

For further information on this assessment, visit the Victorian Institute of Teachers website. 

What are the term dates in Victoria?

There are 4 terms.

Term 1 started on the 29th January and finished on 28th March.
Term 2 started on the 15th April and finishes on 28th June.
Term 3 starts on the 15th July and finishes on 20th September.
Term 4 starts on the 7th October and finishes on 20th December.

For more information about the terms, visit the Victorian Government’s website.

Ideally, due to visa status, you will hold either a NZ, UK or Australian passport. However, some schools are able to sponsor teachers who hold USA, Canadian or South African passports. We encourage all applications to find out more, or to apply, send your CV to