English schools are looking for Filipino teachers

It is widely known that overseas-trained teachers have long been heading to England to extend and enhance their teaching careers and soak up the additional opportunity to travel extensively across the UK and Europe.

This blog shines a spotlight on the many talented and dedicated Filipino teachers carving a path for themselves in schools across England.

Growing Professionally

We engage with many of our Filipino teaching candidates while they are contracted in the USA. We find that often this is the first stepping stone a teacher may take when leaving their home country in pursuit of contributing to the global development of teaching and learning. Bright-eyed, positive and dedicated to their craft Filipino teachers know how to take a leap of faith, soak up a challenge and muck in and learn new skills and cultures.

Point to Point teachers from The Philippines are in pursuit of opportunities that will enable them to contribute and grow professionally, build new relationships and experience the wider world while achieving their personal financial goals.

Some recent positive feedback we received from fellow Filipino teacher, Sesaldo M, who said  “Point to Point Education is a very efficient teaching agency. I made contact with them, and immediately received a follow-up email. I told them about my availability date and my situation and they promptly responded with more information. They have a very good grasp of the things needed for my move to the UK and made me feel welcome and a part of their family. I highly recommend them. In fact, I have already told my teacher friends back home about them.

Steps you can take right now

  1. Apply for your ENIC Statement of Qualifications Comparability. This is an essential step for all teachers who received their teaching qualification in The Philippines.
  2. Register with Point to Point Education to instantly assess your eligibility to teach and live in the UK.
  3. Prepare your finances. You will need to pay for your own entry Skilled Migrant Visa once you are offered a position.

Making Headway

The UK government is making headway for all international teachers to thrive in UK classrooms.

Schools Minister Robin Walker said:I want this country to be the most attractive place in the world to be a teacher – that means world-class training, high standards and crucially, opportunity”.

“It’s our fantastic teachers that create the next generation of engineers, mathematicians, artists, linguists and doctors and the expertise we draw upon shouldn’t be limited by geographical location”.

“That’s why our plans to make it simpler for high-quality teachers from all over the world to teach in our classrooms are so important, and why I am excited to welcome the best international teachers to our schools, ultimately to make sure every young person has the education and opportunities they deserve”.

Here is a useful article regarding the fairer approach to awarding QTS to overseas-trained teachers. If you carried out your teaching qualification in the USA you may also be eligible for QTS.  The alternative option is to gain QTS via the Assessment Only Route (this can be done prior to travelling or through a provider once in the UK teaching under the 4-year rule).

Making the move with Point to Point Education

Are you a Fillipino teacher looking to make the move to the UK? Get in touch with our friendly team at Point to Point. We can discuss your options and ensure you have everything ready before to leave, so you can thrive in your new role in England.