Working Holiday Visa changes for Kiwi Teachers

Working Holiday Visa changes for Kiwi Teachers

The Working Holiday Visa has been updated. The age limit has been increased from 30 to 35 starting from the 23rd June for Kiwis. There has never been a better time to supercharge your teaching career by applying to work in England.

The upgrade of the Working Holiday Scheme has been a long time coming. The recent changes also include raising the existing two-year visa to three years! So Kiwi teachers can earn and travel across England and beyond for another whole year with no limitations.

Many Kiwi teachers dream of working in London and the greater UK. It’s thanks to this great Working Holiday Scheme you can!

Learn more about the UKNZ working holiday scheme here.

Australia and the UK are in talks to upgrade the Working Holiday Visa. If you’re an Aussie teacher, keep your eyes on our website and social media accounts to hear the latest news when it lands.


How to apply for the Working Holiday Scheme

You can apply for your Working Holiday Visa 6 months before you intend on making the big move across. This is perfect for teachers as you can interview with prospective schools and secure a teaching job well in advance of your arrival in the UK.

Signing a teaching job contract before you head off gives you a lot of comforts. Financial security is so important when getting established in a new place. You will have an income from the day you start work and be able to afford to put a bond down on a flat and even book your first European tour or trip.

You must apply online for this visa. Follow the correct link here. Applicants must provide a valid passport and bank savings of not less than £2530 (approx. $5000 NZD and £25304700 AUD).

Currently the application fee is £259 plus the immigration health care surcharge set at £470 per year (£1410 for the 3-year visa) You can read up on the criteria on the official page . These fees are subject to change at any time.

When you apply for your visa, you must select an arrival date. You will be required to collect your biometrics card within 10 days of your arrival. Most people select a post office close by to their new school or place you are staying when they touch down.


Supercharge your teaching career in England

The new school year in England starts on the 1st of September 2023. Now is the time for teachers to sign up and begin interviewing for jobs. Teaching roles will be advertised straight after the Easter holidays leading into the official May 31st UK Teacher resignation date.

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