Teacher Dress Guidance

In keeping with the ethos of the Point to Point Education, supply teachers are expected to dress in such a way as to project a professional image of themselves and Point to Point Education to pupils, parents and administration. Teachers are required to dress appropriately as follows:

· Smart jacket, tailored trousers or skirt

· Smart dress and jacket

· Shirt or top which covers the shoulders and midriff

· Tie (male staff)


Subject/Work Specific Clothing

It is recognised that some staff are required to wear specific clothing in order to carry out their work or teach a specific subject:

· PE Staff

· Dance Staff

· Arts Staff


· Suitable shoes must be worn. Trainers are not acceptable except for the teaching of PE. Rubber flip-flops are also not acceptable.

· Leggings, short skirts and cropped trousers are not acceptable.

· Denim clothes are not acceptable.

· Staff provided with personal protective clothing must wear such clothing in carrying out their duties in the interests of health and safety.

· Jewellery must be sensible and appropriate for working in a school, taking into account a professional image and health & safety issues.

· Try and avoid tattoos being visible.

· Remove Studs and bars and from visible piercings on the face and neck, apart from those for the wearing of earrings.

· Staff may wish to wear clothes or insignia appropriate to their own cultural, ethnic or religious background and are free to do as such.

  • It is appreciated that staff may need to wear more ‘casual’ clothing at certain times in order to carry out their duties e.g. school trips.

If you have any questions about the dress policy please contact your consultant.