Supply & Demand Vs Quality Control & Experience

In the current environment, there is a high demand for teachers. While this can sound like a good thing for a teacher fresh out of university, it’s not always the case. This is where teachers need to be extra careful and selective when choosing an education employment organisation to engage with. Some organisations are responding to the high demand, and are going to extreme lengths to offer a high supply of teachers.

That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Unfortunately, there are many downsides to agencies who are rushing their process to meet the high demand:

Connection with teachers and schools

When a teacher is hastily placed into a school, they often miss out on that crucial connection with not only the organisation but the school as well. The teacher may not have secured their desired contract or even school location. New teachers don’t get the time beforehand to make a connection with the Principal, and therefore may not know what to expect when they arrive at the new school.

Detrimental to teachers

Quickly placing a teacher into a role that may not be their ideal job can be detrimental to the teacher. Starting a new job can be stressful, particularly when you have moved to the other side of the world on your own, often soon after finishing university. A teacher’s learning continuity can become interrupted if they are impacted by health issues, such as stress, anxiety or depression. This can occur when teachers are not told what to expect beforehand and do not have a support system in place. Businesses who rush to place teachers in positions will often not be available for support during these crucial times.

Work Load

For those who are straight out of university, the workload can come as a shock and can be hard to handle. Within the UK, every book for every child needs to be marked and include extensive feedback. This means teachers need to be prepared to commit to 50-60 hours of work during school terms. Agencies often do not adequately prepare teachers for this large workload prior to placing them in a job. This can mean teachers can’t cope with the workload and can have negative health consequences.

Point to Point Education is different. Instead of being a supply and demand agency, we focus on quality control and experience. Instead of placing teachers in a position where they are out of their depth, we take our time to get to know the teacher and adequately prepare them before they leave for their dream job.

If you are a teacher considering travelling overseas to advance your teaching career, remember to be selective about which agency you engage with. Point to Point Education offers many advantages other agencies often do not, such as:

  • Preparation: we help teachers write their CVs, hold mock interviews and collate documents needed before moving overseas.
  • Face to Face Interviews: we hold interviews with Principals from UK schools, so teachers can make that vital connection before even leaving the country.
  • Support every step of the way: you will still be in contact with Point to Point Education once you start your teaching job in the UK. We have all worked overseas and have visited your schools and are available for support. We visit teachers while they are placed in schools to help make connections not only with the teachers but with the school as well.
  • Social events: we know making friends and connections is important. We hold monthly events within the UK to help our teachers made lifelong friends.

To avoid ending up in a job you’re unhappy with, always be selective with your teaching agency, and remember to select an agency that puts teachers first.