Stationery Essentials for the 2018 Teacher

    • Don’t let the school year start without making sure you are fully prepared. Every classroom teacher should have a well-stocked desk that includes these essential teaching stationery items. And, because we shouldn’t sacrifice form for function, it’s ok if they look cool, too. The best part is, they are all available online! No trip to the shops necessary.

      Essential Stationery For Teachers

      Organisers and Planners

      As a new teacher, your number one priority will be to stay organised and focused. Every educator needs a good planner to keep track of your lessons, meetings, appointments, and other commitments. Whether you prefer a diary, a day planner, or a lesson plan book, there are some great choices for stationary for teachers.

      • This desk calendar will keep you organised with everything right at your fingertips, ensuring that “You Got This.”
      • Many teachers prefer a diary or daily planner, and this cloud-covered design, which is customisable to fit your style, will still keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.
      • Even a traditional teacher planner doesn’t have to be hum-drum. Bold, geometric designs mean this teacher planner will be a welcome addition to your desk.
      • Personalise the front cover of this pretty planner, which also has matching stickers and other goodies included.

      Class Record Book

      Keeping accurate records is an important part of any teacher’s day. Your record book will help ensure you know how all your students are doing, and a creative one means you won’t mind carrying it around with you, either.

      • This gorgeous record book, available in many different styles, is great for tracking student progress as well as keeping tabs on your own professional goals and tasks
      • Sometimes, you just need a good, sturdy tool to do the job. This classic record book will meet your needs and won’t break the bank.

      Stamps and Stickers

      Stamps and stickers are an easy and fun way to reward students for their hard work as well as communicate about their progress. There are thousands of designs to choose from, and they are widely available from many online retailers. Keep many on hand to pass out, put on papers, and send home to parents. Even little motivational stickers like these are fun for students of all ages!

      Whatever subject you teach, there are stickers just for you. Head over to the Sticker Factory to see all of their subject-specific stickers and stock up.

      When giving feedback to students, stampers can make your teaching job easier in many ways. This 3-in-1 design prompts your feedback, and there are many others with specific language that are just right for your classroom.


      Whether your aim is to be sure students return your borrowed pencils at the end of the class or to give out for student use, having a supply of pencils on hand is paramount for any teacher. Pencils don’t have to be boring, though.

      Folders, Binders, or Organisational Files

      One of the challenges for all new teachers is to keep all their paperwork organised. From curriculum notes, to student work, to meeting memos, and more; your classroom desk can become overwhelmed quickly with papers.

      • Using an array of folders, binders, and other organisational tools will help you get a hand on the clutter and allow you to locate everything when you need it.
      • This fun 5-pocket folder is a great way to organise your weekly assignments, and the bold pattern ensures it will stand out on your desk.
      • Ring binders are another useful tool, great for organizing lessons, keeping project materials together, or planning for next term. T
      • his beautiful binder will help tame the chaos and soothe your soul at the same time.

      Sticky Notes

      Sticky Notes are the perfect way to keep track of those great ideas, to mark important documents you will need to access later, to colour code curricula, and to jot down quick notes to students and parents. Having a good supply of many different sizes and shapes will be helpful, and because they are readily available almost anywhere, they are easy to keep on hand.

      It’s ok for your stickies to have style, too, and this cute collection on Etsy will have all of your colour-coding looking great in no time. Unique colours and designs are another way to separate projects or terms, as well.

      Stickies can also be used as a teaching tool, and there are many great ideas for how to use sticky notes of all shapes and sizes in your lessons. But not all stickies have to be boring rectangles. Have some fun with these funky shapes.

      Think we have missed something? Let us know.