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      Located in the East of England, Bedfordshire is a historic county that has Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire as bordering counties.

      It has a combination of rural countryside and villages, and a few big cities. The population is 664,500, of which half live in or near Luton and the county town, Bedford.

      This area offers so much in terms of different landscapes and areas to live in. In one small county, you get everything from rolling countryside to busy towns. Getting around is easy by road, and the airport at Luton is convenient and generally offers flights to many destinations within Europe. There are lots of walking and cycling trails as well, and they offer a great chance to see all Bedfordshire has to offer.

      If you like being outdoors, there are several parks where you can participate in water sports on the many lakes, including fishing. Kayak or canoe on the great River Ouse that flows through Bedford or take a lazy trip on one of the boats that offer river cruises in the summer. There are lots of chances to see the natural wildlife in the area at the parks and nature reserves. There is also Whipsnade Zoo. It originally opened in 1931 and acted as a refuge for animals at London zoos during WWII. Whipsnade Zoo is owned by the Zoological Society of London, a charity that aims to bring awareness to wildlife conservation.

      Bedfordshire is rich in history. The county, which has been noted in books as easy as 1011, has seen many Kings and Queens grace its landscapes, especially in the great forests for hunting. You can see evidence of this in what’s left of the castles that were once dotted around. Someries Castle near Luton is a great place to see examples of some of these. During World War II, many Royals within Europe came to Bedfordshire to seek refuge from the horrors of war. It was deemed a safe place that was inland and far away enough from the capital. Many spy planes that were headed behind enemy lines started their journeys in Bedford.

      Bedfordshire loves having cultural festivals. The Riverside Festival takes place right on the River Ouse every four years in Bedford. A Canal Festival is held in Linslade every year. There is also Mela, the biggest one-day festival in Europe, held in Luton. It celebrates the culture, music, and art of Southeast Asia. Expect a lot of fun and good food to be had here. Whether you’re into a peaceful setting or want to be in with the crowd, Bedfordshire has something suitable for everybody.

      Getting Around
      • Train: Thameslink, East Midland Trains, London Midland Trains
      • Plane: Luton Airport
      • Automobile: M25, M3, M23, Various bus services
      Did you know?
      • The town of Bedford is 1000 years old. The River Ouse flows through it, and every four years there is an extravagant River Festival with a fair, stalls and dragon boat racing.
      • The town of Bedford has a handy Park and Ride service into the city. Instead of trying to find an expensive parking space and battling traffic, use the Park & Ride to make things easier.

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      What you can see
      • Heritage: Houghton House, Site of Bedford Castle, Someries Castle, Wrest Park
      • Museums: Cecil Higgins Art Gallery & Bedford Museum, Luton Museum, and Art Gallery
      • Tourist destinations: Whipsnade Zoo, Woburn Safari Park

      Live and Teach in Bedfordshire

      About Schools in this region

      Here you will find 99 Primary schools, 38 Secondary schools, and three colleges. Five of these are independent. The LEA is Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council, where there is a total of 152 schools. They run on a three-tier educational system, except for in Luton, where it is two-tier.

      To view their OFSTED inspection reports please click here. Alternatively, you can compare the performance of the different schools by clicking here.


      Why work with us in Bedfordshire?

      Point To Point is committed to recruiting educators from New Zealand, Australia and Canada and matching them with quality schools in Bedfordshire and other areas of the UK. We take the time to get to know the teacher, their strengths and what they are looking for in a workplace before pairing them up with the perfect school. Point To Point works in partnerships with schools while constantly ensuring that our educators and schools are happy with the placement. If you would like more information on a placement, then contact us.