How Travel Experiences Make you a Better Teacher

While teaching overseas, you will have the opportunity to explore the world around you and be amazed by what is on your doorstep. From London, a train ride can have you in Paris; from Tokyo, a short flight can have you immersed in the cultural hub of South Korea.

This experience will add to your teaching skills, and allow you to draw on so many different different cultures, languages and ways of life in your career. Your unique travel experiences give you the opportunity to gain valuable insights into cultures that can support learning in the classroom as well as provide a level of rewarding engagement for the students.

What you learn and bring back from these travels can have enrich the learning experiences of your students, both during your time working abroad and when you return home.

Souvenirs as Teaching Tools

Not only will souvenirs allow you to be reminded of your travels, and give you something to reminisce about, but you will also be able to use your purchases in the classroom to enhance your lessons. Using souvenirs to enhance lessons about different places around the world gives a physical representation and level of involvement and connection for the students. It can provide a cultural knowledge of a specific country and potentially introduce students to traditional cultural items.

The Power of Photography

Photography can provide students with a great understanding of culture and specific international experiences. Your travel photos may show elements of the experience that may not be portrayed in the media and therefore give a great insight into your experiences. Sometimes your blurry, unedited photo can be

Story-Sharing with Students

Story-sharing allows for intercultural understanding. It allows you to share your wisdom with students inspiring and encouraging others to chase their passions and dreams. Personal travel stories will also allow you to eliminate stereotypes, biases and presumptions towards cultures. Your stories and learnings can awaken students to what the world has to offer. It also offers insights into various traditions and values of cultures, helping students recognise new ideas. You will also be able to expose the differences and similarities between various countries and cultures around the world.

Musical Inspiration

Music is a powerful tool that often conveys an important story, connecting people together through rhythm and lyrics. Travel allows individuals to hear varieties of music and exposes travellers to the cultural significance of songs. Introducing international music into the classroom will enable students to learn about the different cultural music providing a fun and enjoyable way to learn about cultures.

Start Your Journey

When you choose to embark on an overseas teaching adventure, the world truly is your classroom. Point to Point Education specialises in finding you not just a great job fit, but also an opportunity to have experiences that will shape your future career. We assist you through the entire process from application to interviews and then advice and assistance for relocation. For your convenience we also arrange for employers from UK schools to visit Australia and New Zealand to meet applicants seeking positions as teachers.

Where will your teaching career take you?