Why American Teachers Are Loved in the UK

    • American teachers are really appreciated in the United Kingdom, and there are opportunities available to help you find work, get adjusted to life in your new home, and get up to speed on the British education programs.

      Daydreaming about taking your teaching career to the UK?

      Many teachers who love their profession and the process would love to explore the educational systems of other countries. If you’re ready to try something new, expand your horizons, and actually participate in a new culture, you can do it as a full-time teacher at a school in the UK. Here’s why:

      No language barrier, minimal culture shock

      One of the most popular aspects of teaching in the UK, versus another country, is that the language barrier is non-existent. Sure, you’ll have a few new words to learn.

      Your first few weeks in England will have encounters with words that sound like old friends but are not the same. Things like “biscuits,” “jumpers” and “trainers” will take on a whole new meaning for you.

      Your first time on the “motorway” will have you learning about “bonnets,” “boots,” and “windscreens.” But that’s part of the charm of your new home.

      As far as daily life, you’ll find that the Brits enjoy American TV, just as we soak up all those episodes of “Downton Abbey.” There will be some things that are a bit different, but you’ll still be visiting grocery stores and taking public transit, just like back in the U.S. And, you’ll be able to read the signs and labels just fine!

      The ability to change lives

      Becoming part of the educational system in a different country allows you to see the world in a whole other way. As a teacher, you’ll be actively engaging with students and changing lives.

      As an American, you’ll be respected, and your contributions will be welcomed by both staff and students. You’ll be able to share your unique perspectives with your classes and learn from theirs. It’s likely that your teaching position will expose you to a wide variety of cultures and learning methods.

      We all remember those special teachers that we had at various points in our educational careers. The very qualities that have let you consider a teaching career in the U.K. can make you be one of those unforgettable people for your students.

      The power to build your resume

      Teaching in the U.K. can give you the chance to explore subjects and curriculums that you’ve never had a chance to work with.

      With no certification needed for a subject, they are free to teach across subjects and not limited to one. You may be able to expand your knowledge set in an enjoyable way.

      You’ll have exposure to professional development that’s not available to teachers in the U.S. And, your unique skills and training may lead you to career advancement that was never possible before.

      Participating in the traditional British system of evaluating students by ability levels will allow you to compare and contrast the different educational styles – which makes you a better informed, wiser teacher.

      Point to Point Education has you covered

      Point to Point not only understands the unique requirements of American teachers teaching overseas – we are ready and qualified to assist you through the process.

      We have a small, dedicated team, and work to give a more personal approach to each applicant. We can help set up your interviews with school positions via face-to-face visits or by Skype, and are professionals at helping each new teacher navigate the paperwork and requirements needed for their new U.K. teaching position.

      We work directly with the hiring schools and know how to make the best match between teacher and location. Whether you’re interested in a posting in the country or the city, our job is to make sure that the perfect fit is available – and that you’re feeling confident and ready to start on your new adventure. After you’ve settled in, we are always a phone call away to help you with any type of support that you need.

      So, why keep day-dreaming, when you can start working on your new U.K. teaching position from the U.S.? Let Point to Point get you started right away with your journey!

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