What’s It Really Like to Be a Teacher in England?

    • Thinking of teaching abroad? England may be the perfect option for you!

      As a teacher, the classroom is your domain, and there are numerous reasons people lean towards teaching in their careers. Being able to guide your students towards their own passions and paths, celebrate their academic successes and use your specific range of expertise to develop study and classroom activities designed to them forwards in their education is extremely rewarding.

      Moving to England for teaching may sound like a big step, but there are multiple reasons you should consider teaching within England. If you’re wanting to take your teaching career to the next level, moving abroad is a fantastic way to get additional qualifications, share your knowledge and even learn about a different country’s cultures and customs.

      Be an international role model

      Teaching is a job that is vital to not only the future of your students but also to the wider community. Your role is to educate and inspire, and as one of the most challenging careers, teaching is perfect for anyone who loves to stay on their toes and keep their minds sharp.

      No two days are ever the same!

      You’ll have ample opportunity to get to know the students at your school and share with them moments that are vital to their progression into adulthood.

      It may have been one of the reasons you decided to embark on your teaching career; to mould future generations into greatness and impart your own knowledge and skillset into the world.

      You’ll spark that need to nurture and grow others tenfold, as your teachings inspire international students and amplify your global reach.

      Travel AND teach? Winning!

      If the career satisfaction wasn’t enough, there’s also the added benefit of ample holiday leave; with many international teachers working in England enjoying up to 170 non-teaching days a year! Teachers from international backgrounds can enjoy all the travel and sightseeing opportunities England and the wider European region has to offer, all whilst improving their careers and influencing students along the way.

      Home countries like Australia and New Zealand do not have the same travel opportunities as those in England. Your vacation time and weekends could be spent in Paris, Spain or Germany, opening you even further to new opportunities.

      Numerous recruitment opportunities

      England offers a wide range of teaching positions at all skill levels for both primary and secondary and is a fantastic way to get further experience teaching abroad, and open yourself up to learning opportunities not available in your current homeland.

      Highly regarded experience from international schools looks fantastic on your resume, and can easily lend themselves to promotions further down the line.

      Your employment needs will most certainly be met, with English educational facilities requiring qualified teachers within these sectors:

      – Early Childhood
      – Primary School
      – Secondary School
      – Special Education

      Currently, England recognises a significant shortage of Maths and Science teachers. Check out the Department for Education website to read more about skills shortages and how overseas applicants can use this information to their advantage.

      What’s it really like?

      England is a great choice for those native to Australia or New Zealand, as we share many cultural similarities with enough of a difference to make living in England interesting.

      Whether you’re after a secondary or primary school teaching job or a spot in early childhood education; educational professionals in England enjoy additional benefits within their roles, whether that be through CPD, career advancement, or soaking in the country’s rich history.

      If you choose to work within major cities, you can enjoy beautiful historical architecture working within schools in England, and stand on the same ground as legends like Shakespeare, Wilde and Frost did when they were putting their works into the world.

      Small towns bring the added opportunity to connect with the community and get to know your students and their families on a more personal level.

      England is notoriously cheaper to live in than other worldwide capitals such as Sydney or Auckland, giving you more opportunities to save money whilst growing your career and travelling all at once. The salaries may appear lower on a currency converter, but it’s all relative and you’ll find you’re getting more bang for your buck living in England.

      Finally, teaching roles within England is generally a mix of class preparation, admin, planning, assessment and running extracurricular activities; allowing you to gain skills you may not have yet been exposed to, like event planning, sports coaching or organising clubs.

      Ready to make the move?

      Isn’t it about time you tried something different?

      Point To Point is currently conducting face-to-face and Skype interviews for teacher placements across all subjects and levels within England. Send through your Expression of Interest today, and we’ll discuss with you which teaching positions we have available that you’d be best suited for.

      Point To Point works with quality schools across the UK, so you can rest assured that during the recruitment process, you’ll be paired with educational venues with above-grade pay rates, as well as ample opportunities for further learning.

      We take the hassle out of finding suitable employment for your situation and adopt genuine care for all our international teachers. Get in touch with Point To Point now, and we’ll help you make your dreams a reality!