Why Teaching Overseas in England Will Change Your Life

    • Thinking about making the leap to teaching overseas?

      Teachers from around the world have wonderful experiences when they work in the U.K. There’s no language barrier, and the benefits are too many to count.

      Ten Things About Teaching in the U.K. That Will Change Your Life:

      1. Exposure to different cultures

      Yes, the language is the same, but teaching overseas is likely to give you an exposure to cultures that you can’t experience at home. The larger cities are true melting pots, and you’ll be interacting with staff, students and fellow residents of many different cultures.

      2. Superb cultural activities

      Whether you’re interested in art, music, literature or other areas of culture, the U.K. has astounding amounts of museums, bookstores, concerts, and libraries that are available to the public. You’ll be able to fill as many weekends as you would like as you seek out all the cultural inspiration you need.

      3. Fitness benefits

      Even in the big cities, the U.K. is geared towards a walking lifestyle. You’ll quickly adapt to biking or walking down to the shops to pick up your supplies.
      Unlike some parts of the U.S., things are built on a scale made for walkers. You’ll enjoy the pace and the fitness benefits as you take part in daily activities.

      4. Changing lives

      As an American teacher, you’ll be interacting with students on a personal level. Your own history and qualities that made you become a teacher overseas will affect their lives, too.

      As an ambassador of the U.S, you’ll be able to teach them with a slightly different take on some subjects. You’ll both be changed, as a result.

      5. Travel opportunities

      Living in the U.K. will give you easy access to Europe, as well as affordable ways to get there. It’s hard to imagine the scale of things, compared to the U.S., but getting totally out of the country is not hard at all.

      If you’ve been dreaming about visiting France, Germany or Italy, for example – you’ll find frequent flights and affordable fares. You’ll be able to check as many countries off as you’d like to – with a little planning.

      6. Experiencing a different climate

      Situated in a more Northern zone than anywhere in the United States, the U.K. has a climate that is quite different from your hometown.

      You’ll encounter the famous rain, but also the mild climate and different flora and fauna than you’re used to. Your outlook on the world will be broadened tremendously.

      7. Learning about history from a new perspective

      It’s one thing to read about it or see a movie. Living and teaching in the U.K. will allow you to visit the actual places you’ve always learned about.

      Your first time seeing the cobblestone streets of England and seeing centuries-old cottages that are still occupied will give you a perspective that simply cannot be learned from a book.

      8. Learning about yourself

      Changing location in the United States – millions do it every month. Changing locations to a new school overseas – it’s going to help you learn a lot about yourself.

      You’ll be able to take on new challenges and learn new customs – all while having the support of your new school staff, or dealing with a foreign language.

      9. The opportunity to try something new

      Maybe you’ve wanted to explore teaching other subjects or want to make a career change. The nature of U.K. teaching qualifications is different, and you do not have to be certified in a subject to teach it.

      If you’ve been wanting to apply some of your additional education, training, or knowledge to teaching others about a subject or skill, teaching overseas can be a terrific opportunity.

      10. Career-Building experiences

      Teaching in the U.K. will expose you to professional training and experience that you can’t receive in the United States. It may also give you access to career advancement and job tracks that weren’t available to you at your previous jobs.

      Even with a shorter-term teaching position, you’ll have resume’ additions that will make you stand out to future employers.

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