Getting into Teaching in England

Getting into Teaching in England 


With all things COVID almost behind us, many international teachers have stopped putting their lives on hold and are spreading their wings. It’s time to explore your options. Scan the job market and look at what teaching opportunities are available in England. 

Flights are open and lengthy quarantine periods have been removed. It’s time to travel again. So, are you ready for a change?

When should I start? 

Making decisions about where and when to relocate can be tricky. It’s important to be aware of the English school term times, (they are likely out of sync with your school terms) so you need to consider when you will resign from your current teaching job to be available to start at your new school. It’s ideal to start in England at the beginning of September (when the school year starts) or January. 

Often, teachers are attracted to areas they have heard about in London. It’s wise to explore your options and look at all opportunities across the country. Some of the most beautiful locations are outside of major cities. Landing a job that’s a good fit should be your priority and the rest will fall into place. 

Travel opportunities

Get inspired to take advantage of the wonderful travel opportunities in England and beyond. Europe is on your doorstep and there are so many great deals to be had. Create memories and friendships for a lifetime. Thinking about sitting on a beach in the south of France? It’s only a short flight away. Want to explore the streets of Rome? Book yourself a cheap train ticket. If you’re wanting to know more about where to travel in 2022, check out Traveltalk’s easy-to-read guide.  

Picture this as your new life. No two days are the same for a teacher in the England. Beyond learning and expanding your career in a new country, surrounded by different cultures and people, you’ll get the chance to explore more than just your backyard. Did you know there are only 195 Teaching days in a year? Think about the possibilities of what you can do on the other 170 days. Mini breaks to places like Edinburgh and Wales and long weekends on the sands of Santorini! Tempted yet? 

Ready to apply?

It has never been a better time to travel, so if you’re looking to progress your career with a teaching job in England, follow the link to FAQs for Teachers to learn more about the process. Need no convincing? Submit your application today and you might just be in London tomorrow!