Our Top 7 Teaching Resources

Our Top 7 teaching resources


Teaching in the UK is a rite of passage for many teachers. Where should you look for your inspiration and teaching resources in a new country whilst learning a new curriculum?

The team here at Point to Point Education have narrowed down a list we think you will LOVE!


  1. Sign up to receive free resources and tune in to the regular blog posts on Teacher Toolkit. There’s a great clip on ChatGPT about Artificial Intelligence. Are you using AI in your classroom?
  2. Teacherhead is a practical and inspirational space written by Tom Sherrington, an ex-headteacher from London. If you are currently teaching overseas and are looking to make sense of the curriculum and teaching culture in England, this page might really hold some wonderful tips and tools for you. Often overseas trained teachers are not used to incorporating planning for a Teaching Assistant.
  3. This blog supports teachers to utilise their Teaching Assistants effectively, whilst maximise outcomes and independence of learners within the classroom environment.
  4. A goodie for the Secondary Maths Teachers is Resourceaholic! There are so many ideas on this page for all teachers. Written and compiled by Jo Morgan, a Mathematics teacher. It’s a treasure chest of concepts, games, puzzles, demonstrations and so much more.

  5. TES Teaching Resources has some great free stuff on it for all teachers! There are four hubs with resources for early years, primary, secondary and special needs teachers. There are also blogs with tonnes of information no matter where you are in your teaching career.
  6. The Learning Spy was created by David Didau, an influential and determined education blogger leading the way (particularly in Literacy) however, he does challenge the concepts and practices widely used across the English Education system.
  7. We also like this blog to get us really thinking. How do you view failure? Equity in the classroom? Does your classroom design meeting your student’s needs?


Moving overseas to teach in England is an exciting professional adventure. You will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from your home country, whilst gaining experience from the UK school system. You’ll also learn new methods and teaching practices, adding value to your long-term career goals and aspirations.

Interested in teaching in England? There’s no time like the present. If you’re keen to learn more, contact the friendly team at Point to Point Education.