How To Get A NARIC Certificate For Teaching

    • Many people would love to travel abroad and experience different cultures, but it can be expensive, and visas might limit the time you can spend in the country.

      That’s why teaching abroad is a popular route for those who want to immerse themselves into a new culture. Teaching in the United Kingdom is a popular choice due to the universal language. The UK offers a wonderful mix of modern attractions and historical charm and is also just a hop away from mainland Europe which allows for travel there during holiday breaks.

      However, if you’re planning to teach in the United Kingdom, it’s not as simple as applying for a position. Depending on what country your teaching qualification is from, you may also be required to obtain a NARIC certificate.


      What Is NARIC?

      NARIC is the National Academic Recognition Centre and is the National Agency responsible for providing official information on international education, training, and skills acquired outside the UK.

      NARIC is the body which determines if a foreign teaching candidate has attained professional equivalence which would allow the candidate to teach in the UK.

      What Qualifications Must I Possess To Teach In The UK?

      For candidates who qualified outside the EEA (European Economic Area)  it will be necessary:

      • To have qualifications which are comparable to a Bachelors Degree from the UK.
      • To have attained the equivalence of a GCSE grade C in English and mathematics.
      • To have attained the equivalence of a GCSE grade C in science if teaching primary or key stage 2/3 (ages 7-14).

      It may also be necessary to demonstrate proficiency in the English language.


      What Is A Statement Of Comparability?

      NARIC can provide you with a Statement of Comparability which will establish whether or not you meet the academic criteria required to teach in the UK. The document is not compulsory, but many organisations do require you to have it.

      How Do I Apply For A NARIC Certificate?

      If you apply online, your application process will be faster, and you will also be able to check on its progress. Following are the steps you should follow to ensure a successful application:

      1. The UK NARIC User Portal is where you will register for a new account.
      2. Once you’ve registered, an acknowledgement email will be sent to you with a link. Clicking on that link will activate the account.
      3. The application can be accessed by logging in to the portal
      4. At this point, you will have access to a menu of services, select what you need. You will also be able to upload your qualifications.

      You will need to supply the following:

      • Your contact details.
      • A statement regarding the purpose of your enquiry.
      • Photocopy or a scan of your certificates and final transcripts including a certified translation to English of your documents, if such is necessary.
      • Payment for the service.
      • Postage options are included within the check-out process, so there is no need to send a self-addressed envelope.

      Sending these documents will speed up the processing of your application. At Point to Point Education, our experienced consultants can also help guide you thought the NARIC process and make your teaching transition into the UK as seamless as possible.

      How Much Does It Cost?

      The cost for a Statement of Comparability is £49.50 plus VAT ($92.86 AUD) for documents provided in English or which are accompanied by a Certified Translation. An Upgrade Translation Waiver Service is available for £30.00 plus VAT ($67.53 AUD). This waiver allows them to translate your documents during the review; however, it does not provide copies of the translations for you.

      Postage and delivery fees are additional, and there are many options available.

      How Long Does It Take Before I Receive My NARIC Statement Of Comparability?

      It usually takes 10-15 days from the time your documents and payments are received. Some delays may occur if prompt replies are not received to enquiries during the research into your qualifications.

      There is quite a bit of research and legwork involved in understanding what you need to teach in the UK and to acquire the necessary documents. It can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re making all your enquiries from overseas.

      At Point to Point, we make the whole process much more straightforward. Our organisation was started by teachers for teachers, and we have all taught in the UK.

      We know what you can expect which is why our Recruitment Consultant is an invaluable resource. You will receive advice and support from the moment you decide to teach in the UK until you begin your teaching adventure.

      For more information about Point To Point’s services please don’t hesitate to contact us, or fill out our application and your dedicated Point to Point Education Consultant will help you find the right fit for your teaching experience of a lifetime in the UK.

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