Where to Buy Homewares: A Guide For New Teachers In The UK

    • Getting settled into a new city always comes with its challenges. Getting settled into a new country, well, that’s even doubly hard. Now that you have found a place to live while teaching in the UK, you’ll need to start thinking about all the necessary items that make a flat a home.

      Since you may not be familiar with some of the stores or brands in the UK, here’s a short guide to help you find just what you’re looking for as you settle in. These retailers can assist you in supplying bedding, cookware, linens, furniture, electronics, and much more.

      UK Retailers

      Dunelm’s 150 stores specialise in home furnishings, including bedding, curtains, and furniture.  A UK tradition, Dunelm is one of the country’s largest housewares retailers and is sure to have what you need.

      Ikea is always a perennial favourite for those living in small spaces, living on a budget, or living in temporary housing. With lower prices and a huge selection, Ikea has something for every room in your house. With 13 location across the UK, including 5 in the greater London area, a trip (or two) to this megastore may be worth your time.

      It is estimated the 96% of the people of the UK live within 10 miles of an Argos retail location, so there’s a good bet you’ll have one of these outlets nearby. Argos’ selection includes housewares, electronics, furniture, clothing, and much more. Their selection is large, and shipping is easy.

      If you need home electronics or small appliances, then Currys is the place to go. They also have computers and entertainment equipment, which will make life in your new home more enjoyable.

      If you need a sofa, bed, or other furnishings, DFS is another good choice. Their 113 stores and comprehensive website offer many affordable choices which will help complete your new home’s decor.

      Choice Furniture Superstore offers options for all rooms of your new home, and with options for free delivery and ongoing sales, this retailer can be a good option for whatever you need.

      If there are DIY projects or improvements that need to be made to your new home, a trip to B&Q might be in order. The retailer specializes in hardware and home improvement materials.

      Online-Only Retailers

      There are a number of online-only retailers that probably sound familiar to you, no matter where you come from. These giants allow you much in the way of choice and price options, too.

      Amazon is the leading online retailer in the UK. With products for all aspects of your life, you’ll likely find exactly what you are looking for.

      World Stores specializes in everything for the home, including decor.

      eBay continues to be a great space for locating specific items, unique looks, and great deals, so don’t forget to have a look around online.

      General Merchandise Retailers

      Throughout the UK, you will also find large-scale grocery retailers that also have modestly-priced housewares, which may suit your needs. Asda and Tesco have home departments in many of their retail stores, and while the selection in each varies, you’ll often be able to find exactly what you need without making stops at multiple stores.

      You’ll, of course, have local stores and neighbourhood shops in your area that will be invaluable to you as you outfit yourself and your flat, but these national retailers are a sure bet for finding the basics, and more, for your new home.