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Jobs Available Now

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    • Teaching Jobs in the UK

      Point To Point specialises in finding a PERFECT fit between teachers and schools.

      When you choose Point To Point, you go into your new overseas teaching job with your eyes open, and the best possible knowledge of the job you’re taking, so you are confident, happy and excited for your new Point To Point teaching adventure!

    • Here are a few of the job roles we have ready to be filled for the January 2021 intake in the UK.

      • English
      • Geography
      • Religious Education
      • Design and Technology
      • Computer Science
      • History
      • Maths
      • Science
    • We also have over 20 Primary School teaching roles ready to be filled now!

    • Start teaching in the UK in 2021!

    • I have received nothing but the best support and mentoring from Point To Point. As soon as I decided I wanted to teach in the UK, until now where I am in the classroom and teaching.



We're here to help and open for business, offering a 100% contactless service.
We are still profiling and preparing teachers for relocation to England later in 2020 and January 2021.

Keep the dream alive!