The Teachers Wardrobe presented by SACHA DRAKE – 21st September

  • September 21, 2017
  • 5:30 pm
  • SACHA DRAKE, Given Terrace, Paddington, Queensland, Australia
    • Dress to impress for your role with timeless classics that you will love

      Teacher Style presented by SACHA DRAKE

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    • Teacher Style

      with Point to Point Education and SACHA DRAKE

      Make dressing for work easy with our SACHA DRAKE Teacher Style Workshop. Learn how to choose, timeless, quality pieces, that will stand the test of time and bring excitement and confidence to your wardrobe.

      Date & Time

      Thursday 21st September

      To RSVP simply email or call us on:
      INTL: +61 426 504 771
      AUS: 1300 189 269
      NZ: 0800 189 269
      UK: 0203 6334326

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