NZ Trip Roundup

I have been very fortunate to have had a fun filled and very busy three days in New Zealand last week.

I love the opportunity to be able to get out of the office and meet with great teachers face to face. At Point to Point Education we are all about supporting teachers to not only have a great overseas experience of seeing the world and learning about different cultures, traditions and expectations, but we also put a big emphasis on helping them secure permanent contracts that will add inviable experience to their teaching career once they return to New Zealand.

I had the pleasure of meeting the soon to be new teachers from Canterbury University in Christchurch, Otago University in Dunedin and Victoria University in Wellington. I still love sharing my experience of teaching in the UK, as well as my anxieties when I did the big move to live in Australia. There are always ups and downs with any big adventure but knowing we are there to support them the whole way from first meeting them to coming and visiting them in their school helps make the whole dream become a reality.

I was also fortunate to be able to meet with Mayor Dave Cull in Dunedin and Di Davies, GM from Ministry of Education in Wellington. We are absolutely committed to supporting teachers to gain quality teaching experience that will then support them to secure permanent employment once they return to New Zealand. We are strong believers that permanent contracts, rather than relief work allows teachers to be valued by their schools and access professional development training as well as be supported through the mentoring programme to allow them to grow into confident and capable teachers.

Both Mayor Dave Cull and Di Davies also shared our passion for teachers gaining valuable life experience and being valued as teachers overseas before returning to New Zealand and sharing the knowledge they’ve acquired to make a difference to the children they teach in their home country. It was refreshing to have conversations around the importance of teachers feeling valued and respected and that they continue to make a huge difference to the future generation and it cements are view of New Zealand teachers being one of the hardest working and most dedicated in the world.

It was a pleasure sharing ideas with both Mayor Dave Cull and Di Davies on how we can move forward to support New Zealand teachers in securing employment on their return home and we look forward to building on this.

Keep doing what you’re doing NZ and we look forward to supporting your amazing teachers on their journey!

Jennifer Posner