Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Teachers

Teachers can often use a little inspiration here and there, whether it’s ideas for lesson plans or even just daily motivation. There are a few places where these ideas can be shared, but one place that stands out is Instagram. The social media platform is a great place to find accounts that are full of inspiration.

If you’re in education, check out these teachers on Instagram for some valuable insights!

Bored Teachers


The struggle is real.

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Bored Teachers is an Instagram account that is all about that teaching life. Teachers can totally relate to the posts that are both realistic and often funny. Bored Teachers is just about what teachers go through every day, not actually being bored with the job (since we do what we do because we love it!).

College Essay Guy


Sometimes we just need a little pick me up and some motivation to get through the working week or even just the day ahead. With demands such as assignments, tests and grading whilst juggling the classroom and ensuring your students are happy and learning, it is easy to get caught up with it all.

College Essay Guy seems to understand this with his motivational quotes that speak to teachers better than anyone. Give his account a follow for some of the best pearls of wisdom (and for some tips on quality academic writing too!).

Classroom Pinspirations


Classroom Pinspirations is run by two very creative teachers who like to give fun ideas to other educators by sharing their classroom ideas. From activities to board and room set-ups, you’ll definitely find something to suit any theme thanks to these two!

Fun, Fresh Ideas for Your Class


This Instagram account for teachers does exactly what it says and delivers “fun, fresh ideas for your class” but a few other things as well. There is a good mix here of posts including valuable resources for the classroom, fun facts to share with students and humour!

Art with Jenny K


No matter what subject or age range you teach, Jenny K has some art ideas for you! Have a scroll through her feed to find inspiration for art projects or even for a creative project to go alongside a certain subject. You may even be inspired yourself to try out your own art project!

Kesler Science


Even if you’re not a science teacher, this account will make you wish you were with all the incredibly exciting and fun projects they show. Kesler Science gives some amazing ideas that will really grip students’ attention as they learn about different aspects of science. There are even plenty of inspirational quotes from scientists who made some incredible discoveries to help encourage the young minds of today.

ELA Classroom


The teacher behind ELA classroom uses her account to show ideas being used actively in a classroom setting. Everything looks well-presented and really inspires teachers to try some of the ideas in their own classroom. There are also plenty of resources available too, as well as a weekly poll that you can share with your students to get them thinking, or one to even think about yourself!

Teaching Humor


Head over to Teaching Humor for a much-needed laugh after those long days and weeks. We can all relate to the jokes and memes put on this account, which you can do nothing but laugh about.

Point to Point Education


Rounding off the list is Point to Point Education! We match teachers with schools overseas for the ultimate teaching experience! Contact us to discuss further how we can help you teach overseas!

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