How to run a successful recruitment campaign for overseas teachers

How to run a successful recruitment campaign for overseas teachers


Tougher than expected recruitment this year?

Luckily, England is opening its doors to more international teachers in 2023. This means that running a successful recruitment campaign for overseas teachers is going to be easier.

When it comes to interviewing and appointing qualified teachers from overseas, there are a few things you need to know. Schools that are proactive and include applicants from international teachers early on in their campaigns find greater success in their appointments.


Get your Sponsorship license in place and broaden your options!

Holding a Sponsorship License is easier than you think and achievable for standalone schools along with MAT’s.

Apply for your license here and maximise your chances of interviewing and appointing the most experienced and qualified teachers. Sponsoring teachers has become so much easier and the lengthy labour market testing requirements are no longer a necessity. Teachers across all disciplines and year levels can be sponsored. If you need help with getting your license, there is now a dedicated education support email contact you can use .


Combine your digital interview and lesson into one video call and save time!

A one-step process that is well-planned reduces the chance of your candidate being offered a position elsewhere. Since picking back up post-Covid, teaching positions in England have become very competitive again!

Schools that offer a formal interview and digital lesson (allowing up to 90 mins) give themselves an edge. Putting a second or third meeting in place allows for the teacher to be interviewed and offered a job elsewhere. Being efficient and having a clear process and quick is ideal! When working across various time zones, limit emails and be prepared to wait overnight for a response.


Be ready to make an offer and understand how to assess salaries for overseas teachers!

You can be guided by us to assess salaries and offers. It’s important to recognise the teachers’ experience regardless of whether they hold QTS or not. Remember the 4-year rule for those that don’t hold QTS when they first start teaching in England.

Consider what you can offer to attract overseas teachers to your school. Recruitment and retention allowances, support with gaining QTS via the assessment-only route, funding or subsidising visa or flight cost. Teachers financially invest in the decision to relocate and accept a teaching job in England. Be mindful that many teachers have been saving to do this for a few years and they are committed to making it a success for your school and themselves and/or their families.


Compliance and paper need not be a fear!

We have that all covered with our dedicated compliance manager.

Reduce your advertising costs and come directly to Point to Point Education. Established in 2012, Point to Point are made up of a team of recruitment experts and former teachers. School leaders work closely with company owners, and build your confidence in recruiting teachers from overseas.

The new standards for international teachers will be great for you and your school. It will make it fairer and easier for international teachers to work across classrooms in England. Hiring a teacher from abroad can be of great benefit to your students. Enhance your school community and open up the doors to international teachers with Point to Point Education by your side. We’re here with you, every step of the way.