CV Advice from Teaching Agency

Our team here at Point to Point Education assess hundreds of CVs every school term. You might be surprised that we find that many teachers forget to include some critical information!

Steps you can take right now

  1. Always provide your full professional contact information including your mobile number and email address.
    (We advise creating a professional email address that is only used for recruiters and hiring schools)
  2. Itemise experience! Provide the dates of your employment tenure using month and year, what your position was followed by school or company name. Be sure to include any voluntary or part-time work.
    E.g. January 2021 – December 2023, KS3-5 Maths Teacher at Global School
  3. Should there be any gaps in your employment, elaborate these absent timeframes in your work experience and provide a reason.
    E.g. January 2024 – April 2024 Travelling in Europe
  4. Include at least two referees. Ensure that your referees have the correct name of person, workplace, phone and professional email that you have nominated.
    (Pro tip! We advise using your current School Principal and Line Manager. Also advise your referees when you have applied for positions.)
  5. Check and double check for any spelling mistakes. Spelling errors on a teaching application is never well received and can be seen as careless. Have your CV proofread and submit your best version from the outset.

Teachers are in demand and schools are constantly looking to hire the best person for their students, school and community.

In our experience a clear and detailed CV with NO GAPS and NO MISTAKES can set you apart and lead you into that interview you have been waiting for.