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    • Check out our events!

      At Point to Point Education, we offer an array of different types of events for teachers and schools. These events are designed to make the process of achieving your dreams of teaching overseas, as seamless as possible and equipping you with resources and information you need. The three primary events that are offered to teachers are webinars, face-to-face interviews and information nights.

    • Do you suffer from FOMO?

      Don’t miss out on your chance to teach overseas and take full advantage of the range of upcoming events for teachers Point to Point Education has to offer, where we play matchmaker for teachers and schools alike.

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    • Zoom Webinars

      Our webinars will give you insight into:

      • What jobs are available
      • What types of contracts are on offer
      • Visas and eligibility
      • The process for further interviews
      • Relocation support

      To participate in a webinar, you only need to register your interest and an invite will be sent to you to join! These webinars are centered around informing potential teachers and schools on the steps required to start the overseas teaching journey.

    • Face to Face Interviews

      The face to face interviews is the opportunity for schools and teachers to meet. These face to face interviews will be with schools from the serviced Point to Point locations including the UK, parts of Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

      Depending on the location of the face to face interviews, the positions that are interviewed for can be early years, primary, SEN and secondary teaching positions. The interview process is vital to teachers being employed overseas by participating schools, so we ensure that teachers are properly prepared for the interview process.

    • Information Nights

      Information nights are aimed to provide just that. Information. The information nights aren’t just general information, different events are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of various aspects of teaching overseas.

      Curriculum information night:

      Find out about the curriculum system for different nations, whether it’s the UK, the United Arab Emirates or one of our serviced areas in Asia including Singapore and China.

      Living and teaching overseas:

      Learn about more than just teaching in another country, learn about living in another country. Living abroad can be a difficult transition, so we ensure that teachers are armed with the knowledge to thrive in their new teaching position, in their new overseas location.

      Behaviour management and safeguarding information:

      Whilst this information night doesn’t have the same ring to it as the other two events on offer, it is an extremely useful event that is well worth attending. Find out all there is to know about behaviour management in your selected country, as well as safeguarding in schools, classroom management, and child protection.

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