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Department for Education Endorsement

      • Point to Point Education is proud to be endorsed by the DfE (Department for Education) in England to resource and supply overseas trained teachers. To become a registered provider, Point to Point Education has taken part in a lengthy tender process and our entire company has been scrutinised to the highest level. With our in-depth understanding of the recruitment process and candidate care and retention, our proven track record has led us to this amazing opportunity. This will open doors for many teachers who would like to relocate and teach in England with the utmost level of support provided throughout the entire process, along with the backing of the DfE.

      • For Teachers

        Why is this good for teachers?

        In a market flooded with recruitment agencies, it’s hard to know who to work with. Point To Point has provided a benefit not many other agencies can offer, the full approval of the England Department for Education. Be reassured that the interview process and schools involved in the DfE International Teacher Framework are knowledgeable and have full intentions of making the placement process a success for you and their school.

    • Does the DfE endorsement change the application process?

      As a teacher, you will still register with Point To Point and go through the usual interviewing and screening process, including the introductions with Point To Point partner schools for interviews. The point of difference in this process now is teachers will relocate with others going through the DfE programme. Teachers are also given a week-long acclimatisation programme including accommodation along with other International STEM teachers, they participate in continuing professional development (CPD) programmes and also allocated a dedicated mentor for the first year.  This will really help with the settling in phase and adjustments to life in England and adapt to the new school’s environment, curriculum and expectations. You will be ahead of all the other teachers teaching abroad and will have the full support provided by Point To Point and the DfE.

    • How does the DfE programme work?

      The DfE International Programme for STEM teachers is open to;

      Newly qualified and experienced STEM teachers from NZ, Australia, Canada and the USA. Those who hold full teacher registration in their home country will need to apply for QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).

      STEM Teachers from Jamaica and South Africa.   Teachers from Jamaica will need to apply for a NARIC assessment.

      The team at Point To Point will register you, interview you and carry out reference and document checks before introducing you to schools for Skype interviews.

      Point To Point will schedule interviews with schools for you and facilitate the job offer and acceptance process.

      Once you accept a role you will be registered with the DfE Acclimatisation Provider and be given details about your mentor, training days and accommodation upon arrival in England.

      • For Schools

        Schools in the partnership have the entire recruitment fee funded by the DfE. By joining the framework, you will have funding to secure STEM teachers without the worry of the expensive recruitment fees. Overseas teachers will be open-minded about locations and have the necessary qualifications to succeed in their new posts. You will need to be willing to interview via Skype and offer a position quickly as the eligible candidates are in high demand.   You will need to complete and sign the SLA agreement and nominate you in-school mentor for your funded teacher. You will be committed to the success of inducting your international teacher and give them both professional and pastoral support.

        Why is this good for schools?

        Aside from the entire teacher recruitment fee being funded by the DfE, there are a number of additional benefits to our endorsement from the DfE.

        • Schools can further broaden their search for the highest calibre teaching applicants.
        • Schools will have access to interview teachers outside of their normal recruitment method, adding value to the continuity of teaching and learning.
        • Schools will know that Point To Point compliance processes has been approved by the DfE.
        • Point To Point will source and match Maths, Science and Computer Science teacher to meet your schools’ requirements.
        • Skype interviews will be arranged with candidates for you.
        • The DfE and Acclimatisation provider are partnered together and work for hand in hand with Point To Point to ultimate recruit and retain International Teachers.
        • Facilitation the interview, offer and acceptance process.
        • Ongoing support and guidance with Sponsorship License and CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) applications.
        • Dedicated Compliance Manager ensuring all safeguarding and child protection checks are completed before commencement.
        • Candidates have a dedicated consultant that support with the relocation, flights, accommodation, bank accounts, National Insurance and much more.
        • Candidates are invited to termly social events with other STEM and Point To Point Teachers supporting their social networking while settling in.
      • How does the initial recruitment process work?

        The initial focus for the DfE international Recruitment Framework was to attract Physics and Maths teachers. Whether you teach one of these subjects or not, you will be able to find out your eligibility by completing the online expression of interest form.

        Recently a pilot programme has been initiated and we are now recruiting Computer Science and General Science Teachers.

        Many teachers believe they have missed the opportunity to live and work in the UK due to their age. These roles now offer Tier 2 Sponsorship, meaning that if you are over the age of 31 or have previously used your 2-year youth mobility visa, you would be able to secure a sponsored visa. Also, in the near future, further additional subject and teaching areas may be phased in so we will be able to accept early expressions of interest through an application/assessment/CV/submission.


    • Official Department for Education (DfE) supplier for the provision of International Teacher Recruitment and Associated Services.

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