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School Interviews

Is your school looking for quality teachers?

Our exclusive Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) Recruitment Week allows you to be ahead of the game and recruit your teaching staff.

Point to Point Education hold interview weeks in a wide range of locations throughout Australia and New Zealand during the UK Academic year.

Our client schools take time out of their busy schedules to concentrate on their annual recruitment with us.

Need to fill a vacancy requirement? You will be able to find a high calibre of teachers with a range of backgrounds and experiences at our recruitment week.

Point to Point Education offer a travel package which includes flights, exclusive accommodation and transport. We make sure our clients have the best experience by offering a personalised service in a professional way.

In a market that is packed with recruitment companies making promises and statements regarding their clients that are often far from the reality: with Point to Point Education, you know that the services and the candidates that they promote are of the highest quality.

Kevin – CEO – Gateway Learning Community