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Journey with us as a school

Is your school looking for quality teachers?

As a group of dynamic recruitment specialists, Point to Point Education is quickly becoming known as the trusted education recruitment partner of schools around the globe.

There are many benefits to partnering with Point to Point Education. We have a broad and deep knowledge of school recruitment, which we are able to apply to a wide range of schools. Point to Point Education works hard to:

  • Boost staff retention
  • Improve quality of teaching
  • Increase student achievement
  • Place great teachers in your school
  • Hold One to One Teacher Coaching Programmes
  • Provide a Supply Support Agreement

We help schools to meet their short and long term objectives, while building long-lasting partnerships.

We work with the best teachers who work hard to amplify student outcomes. Our teachers have that wow factor - they come with impressive CVs and compelling teaching experiences. Our teachers are keen to help your school and its students achieve its goals.

School’s can be assured an applicant has all the right paperwork - we’ll do the hard work for you. Through our vetting techniques and compliance procedures, we are able to ensure only the very best teachers are selected. We interview each teacher and collect vital information and documents including:

In a market that is packed with recruitment companies making promises and statements regarding their clients that are often far from the reality: with Point to Point, you know that the services and the candidates that they promote are of the highest quality.

Kevin – CEO – Gateway Learning Community

Journey with us

Face to Face

Point to Point Education are here to help you every step of the way. Being a small team means we have more resources to focus on you and your teaching journey.

Boutique Service

Sick of being treated as a number? We genuinely care about you and treat you as an individual with specific needs. We work tirelessly with teachers and schools to provide tailored service.

Quality Schools

The schools we work with offer perks such as above main pay scale salaries, gym memberships, relocation bonuses, extensive professional development and accommodation in London for training nights.

Travel the Globe

Teaching overseas not only boosts your career and gives you much needed experience, but gives you the opportunity to travel the globe. While on school break you can take a holiday to tourist hotspots throughout Europe.